Food Freedom
Compassionate nutrition for every BODY


Compassionate Nutrition for Every BODY

 Photo credit: Katy Dodds, The Hawk Eye

Photo credit: Katy Dodds, The Hawk Eye

Areas of Practice


Eating Disorders

$75 per hour

A dietitian trained in eating disorders is an essential component to an eating disorder treatment team. Nutrition therapy is not just nutrition education – it is your fears or assumptions about food challenged and presented in new ways. It is learning to manage food vs. the eating disorder controlling you. All foods fit, and I can help you find peace with food and enjoy life again.

Supermarket Outings

$75 - 1 hour to 75 minutes

A supermarket outing is beneficial for managing your food budget, tips on purchasing and storing foods, discovering new food choices and debunking label claims – some are useful, some are mere marketing. So that I can provide personalized suggestions, a consultation is required before scheduling a supermarket outing.

Food & Body Support Group

$10/person - meets monthly

The Food and Body Group is for those looking to find freedom with food and learn to love, or at least respect and take care of, their bodies. The group is a supportive environment where everyone is working towards the same freedom. We are part book club, part support group. I will select non-diet books for the group to read and discuss, and members can share their journeys and support one another.

A private consultation with me is required to assess whether this group is the right fit for you. Please note that a bi-annual consultation is required to maintain your “membership” so that I am up-to-date on your health concerns and can advise you appropriately.

Intuitive Eating

$75 per hour

Intuitive Eating is an evidence-based approach to re-learn how to listen to the body’s cues to guide eating. It focuses on ten principles to let go of dieting and allow your body to settle at its natural weight. Satisfaction with eating is at the core of Intuitive Eating, with other principles including utilizing internal hunger and fullness cues to guide your eating, respecting your body, addressing emotional eating and more.

Complete Meal Care


This comprehensive package includes a consultation dedicated to meal planning and making a complete grocery list, followed by a Supermarket Outing while shopping for your groceries, then returning to your home to organize your kitchen and help you feel at ease prepping and cooking your meals.
Total time: 3 ½ - 4 hours. It is not required to complete in one sitting.


Fees vary, contact me about your needs
+ cost of food, if applicable

A variety of non-diet wellness programs are available for your business, school or organization, such as luncheon presentations, health fairs, cooking demonstrations and more. Contact me to discuss topic ideas.

I am passionate about teaching children how to have a healthy relationship with food and their bodies. I donate my time to schools to speak on enjoying food, respecting one’s body, and about eating disorders in an age-appropriate fashion. My donated time is limited so please contact me for availability.

*First-time booking special: Book two programs, get the third program half price. Must book all three initially. Valid only on the first three programs for the same business or organization.

Medical Nutrition Therapy

$75 per hour

As a registered dietitian, I am qualified to assist you in treating medical conditions with nutrition. Conditions treated include, but are not limited to:

·         IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) – I utilize the low-FODMAP diet which improves symptoms in 70% of patients

·         Fructose malabsorption

·         Lactose intolerance

·         Celiac disease

·         Cholesterol

·         High blood pressure

·         Pre-diabetes or diabetes

·         Osteoporosis

·         GERD (acid reflux)

·         Food allergies (IgE-mediated allergies, confirmed through an Allergist)

It is most helpful if you bring current lab values (cholesterol, blood sugar, A1c, etc.) or test results with you so that I can make the most appropriate recommendations for you.

Virtual Counseling

I am licensed in Iowa, Illinois and West Virginia. If you live in one of these states, we can meet virtually through a HIPAA-compliant, secure platform. 

Pantry Renovation

$75 - 1 hour to 75 minutes

Do you go shopping each week, and have a pantry full of food but no plan to use it? I can help you go through your pantry, decide which foods you like and what to do with them. We can organize your pantry and start to develop a system so you utilize your food budget more efficiently.


A Superbill is provided for consultations upon request which can be submitted to your insurance plan. As insurance plans vary, there is no guarantee you will be reimbursed from your plan, but if you are, reimbursement will come directly to you. I do not bill insurance so that I can keep my rates low. Please compare my rates with others.

 When food and body image are difficult subjects, I have a variety of fidget toys and stress balls to help process anxious energy.  Photo credit: Katy Dodds, The Hawk Eye

When food and body image are difficult subjects, I have a variety of fidget toys and stress balls to help process anxious energy.

Photo credit: Katy Dodds, The Hawk Eye